Welcome to Hamburg

August, 2015

If you don't live in Germany you might think there are violent protests against refugees all over the country. But Germany is not Heidenau. It's amazing to see how so many volunteers are helping refugees in Hamburg (and probably in the rest of the country too) and have given them a very warm welcome. And it's sometimes so easy to make someone happy. I was taking some pictures of some very "passionate" men dancing and one of them asked me if I could take a picture of him and his friend. Then all of the sudden ALL OF THEM wanted a picture and had lots of fun posing like bad boys next to their new friends from the refugee camp. I also want to thank them because they made me the happiest photographer that afternoon. 

The cutest smiles

I don't know where this family came from because all they could say was "thank you". They all enjoyed posing in front of the camera very much. Especially the kids who were making the best and cutest smiles ever. 


Aliakbar was sitting next to us and stole my heart. I was probably not the only one in love with him. This very smart eight year old boy from Afghanistan traveled with his father to Germany. His mother was still in Iran. He knew everything about football. Iniesta was his favorite. His geography skills about Europe impressed me. And now he knows where Colombia is on the map :p

The integration has started...

Moin moin refugees. Really amazing to see how the refugees were making new German friends in Hamburg. 

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